Wools of New Zealand Rugs should not cost the earth!


New Zealand’s strong wool is the most prized wool in the world. Thanks to our climate and our sheep and farming practices, New Zealand sheep grow whiter and more consistent fleeces that produce a higher wool volume per sheep than their cousins in other parts of the world. Because of this, the Wools of New Zealand brand is internationally recognised and trusted for its provenance and quality. And now, Wools of New Zealand rugs are available from Rugs For All.

Wools of New Zealand are proud to be 100% owned by the farming families who grow our wool and, like all New Zealanders, they care about passing on our world to the next generation in as good, if not better, condition than it is now. By being accountable, traceable and sustainable at all times, we aim to lead the world in growing the highest quality wool in the most environmentally sensitive way.


It is important to understand and appreciate why New Zealand’s strong wool is highly sort after by carpet and furnishing mills worldwide. Even clothing manufacturers require strong wool for selected clothing items.

Sadly, there is a misconception that wool is an expensive product in furnishings or clothing especially if it is New Zealand Wool. A whole generation has been indoctrinated that synthetic fibre is better and cheaper in both furnishings and clothing as we live in a disposable economy.

Wool is a natural fibre that is sustainable and has a low carbon footprint. New Zealand’s strong wool sheep farmers love working with nature and champion land management, and best practice animal welfare while being mindful of their broader social responsibility.

a flock of sheep in the meadows

Sheep farms in New Zealand are often inter-generational, which have supported many rural townships and schools for decades and the broader New Zealand economy with minimal damage to the environment.

Combined with intergenerational family knowledge and support from leading research and Agri support agencies. New Zealand breeds the best sheep and produces the best fleece that can be woven into carpets and other strong wool products.

A question often asked is, why is New Zealand’s strong wool so highly sorted after globally?

The reason is its whiteness; therefore, it is easy to dye.

The whiteness is caused by New Zealand’s exceedingly low pollution level compared to the rest of the world and its meticulous breeding programme. Given that wool can breathe, and in lay terms, our sheep in New Zealand are not breathing pollutants into their fleece.

Wools of New Zealand is a farmer-led co-operative with the mindset to reintroduce all New Zealanders and the world to the benefits of falling in love again with nature’s wonder fibre, wool, especially New Zealand wool.

Here’s where we come in

Wools of New Zealand has partnered with Rugs For All to create a range of affordable wool rugs that reintroduces New Zealanders to the benefit of having an edged wool rug in their home or home office.

Be part of the sustainable mindset change with  Wools of New Zealand and Rugs For All which reintroduces New Zealanders from all walks of life to the benefits and affordability of having an edged wool carpet area rug in your home or home office.


Wool Benefits

New Zealand wool offers benefits for the health and well-being of our people, animals and planet. Wool is home and family-friendly.

It is:

  •  Warm: Wool provides thermal insulation
  • Absorbent: Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, creating a warm and dry home with reduced heating costs
  • Ideal for Asthma sufferers: Absorbing indoor air toxins and locking them away for up to 30 years
  • Durable: Wool has high wear and tear and built-in stain resistance due to finding waxy layers that cost each fibre
  • Fire Safe: Wool is very hard to ignite and self-extinguishes once the fire source is removed

From the farm gate to your floor, 100% New Zealand pure wool area rugs available for purchase

Discover all of our wool area rugs 

Fernvale - Annabank

Slimline Finish area rug collection
$40.00 – $2,870.00

Fernvale - Annabank

Tape Finish Area Rug Collection
$50.00 – $2,754.00

Rugs-For-All -Christchurch

Melford Hills - Hadlow

Slimline Finish area rug collection
$55.00 – $2,150.00

Rugs-For-All -Christchurch

Melford Hills - Hadlow

Tape Finish area rug collection
$65.00 – $2,739.00


Otapiri - Mendip Hills

Slimline Finish area rug collection
$40.00 – $2365.00


Otapiri - Mendip Hills

Tape Finish area rug collection
$55.00 – $2,400.00


The rugs have arrived and I absolutely love them. Thank you so much, Rebecca S, Auckland

A Wools of New Zealand and Rugs For All, collaborative initiative, creating New Zealand wool “Rugs that don’t cost the earth” and are affordable for all New Zealanders.

Check the available stock of rugs in Wools of New Zealand today

By supporting us, you are supporting Wools of New Zealand rugs to be environmentally and family-friendly.

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