Adding Carpet Binding to your Large Rugs


Planning on redecorating soon?

If you are considering adding an area rug to your home and need to add carpet binding to keep it flat, great! However, there is one small hiccup. You don’t have a large carpet on hand. Don’t worry, we got you covered. We can source a large wool carpet that can be used to add a carpet binding. One of the many benefits of wool rugs is that it retains heat and the quality will last for a long period of time. Once it is worn out, you won’t have to worry because wool, in simple terms, is biodegradable. Meaning it won’t be around to negatively impact the environment.

On the other hand, if you do have a large rug that requires a new edge, we can help. Carpet Binders specialise in adding carpet binding to large rugs. This can range from 1m by 1m large rugs to 4m by 10m area rugs. The team can handle any size of large rug to add carpet binding. Furthermore, if you can’t drive the large rug to us because of a lack of space and time. We can pick it up, deliver it, and drop it off at your doorstep once we have finished our work. 

How many types of carpet binding options do you have?

We currently have six carpet binding types that you can choose from. We will walk you through which type suits your carpet best onsite. However, for those that want to do their homework first before coming in, this is the short 101 version.

First, we have overlocking, which is a condensed blanket stitch sewn around the edges. Secondly, there is the narrow tape binding, which makes your rug look smart and sleek. If you are looking for a minimalist rug to complement your room, this will suit your style well. Thirdly, a slimline tape binding is a roll of tape expertly stitched to the edges of the rug. This works especially well with contrasting colours that make the pattern and texture of the rug stand out. And fourth, we have the fringe tassel binding that adds a tassel around the edges of the rug, which is commonly found in traditional, patterned rugs.

For the last two types of carpet binding we have, it branches out from slimline tape binding. This is because both are different sizes and textures. We have a cotton carpet tape binding that goes by 12.7 cm with a herringbone pattern. This looks like a V pattern going around the edge of the rug. It is durable, strong, and wrinkle-free. The second one we have is a synthetic carpet tape binding that goes by 7.5 cm, giving a 3.5 cm border. It is strong, affordable, and versatile. Colours ranging from beige to grey. The price for each carpet binding finish can vary. Don’t hesitate to call us to find out what each price is.

How does this process work?

With the different types of carpet binding in mind, what is the process of adding a carpet binding to large rugs? To start off, you can contact us by phone or email, to set up a time and date to drop off your carpet. Or, if you are a busy person, you can consider using a ‘Pickup and Delivery’ service. Two team members will pick up your large rug from your address and there is an option to drop off the rug once we have finished. Once the area rug has arrived, the carpet binding team will expertly start their work to add the chosen carpet binding finish. And then, you can pick up your improved-quality rug. It is that simple.

Large Rugs for any place

Even if you need a large rug other than a home, such as in a church, classroom, indoor venue, and etc. We can assist in adding a carpet binding to your area rug to upgrade your interior space and bring the wow factor to impress guests. If this all sounds good to you, contact us today by calling 021 164 0938. Click here.

Carpet Binding Pro’s in Christchurch. We can cut and stitch in a carpet edging finish in your rugs and mats to improve the quality and complement the pattern.

There is also a pickup and delivery option for busy people lacking time and space in their car.

Afterward the work is done, we can drop off your finished carpet bound mat and rugs.

We can handle any large rug to add a carpet binding finish. Contact us today to set up a time and date to drop off your carpets to be reused for a long time.

Call us at 021 164 0938 and for more information, visit our website. Click here.

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