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A simple rug can add warmth underfoot, stop the echo on hard floors, hide a stain or mark, add a splash of colour to a room, or personalise a rented property. Shop rugs online today!

We only operate an online store for the purchase of area rugs. We do not have a bricks and mortar showroom for public access.



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We have a blog post dedicated to explaining useful and informative topics in rug care, tips and many more. Click here for more details.

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Why Buy Wool?

Coarse wool is considered a premium fibre used in the manufacturing of both rugs and carpets.

Wool is a high-end option. When you compare the longevity to the initial investment, it is very cost-effective. It should be noted that there are different levels of quality when pricing rugs.

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Rug Tips

At Rugs For All, we are always interested in easy ways to assist customers to liven up their selected room’s decor. If you can only add one item to make a big impact in your space, an area rug is an excellent choice.However there tricks or insights that you need to know.

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How to Shop for Rugs Online

Shopping online for an area rug is scary and not for the faint-hearted. For many people, it is because they can’t feel the rug or see its true colours, and they mostly have to rely on the images and descriptions to select the correct rug. Here are some honest and practical insights to assist you in your search for the perfect area rug purchase.

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