Custom Floor Mats for your Motorhome and Caravan

Find yourself tip-toeing around your freezing floor? Carpet Binders specialises in creating a custom sized carpet mat binding to suit your motorhome floor with all the complicated angles and curves. We have worked with many motorhome and caravan owners over the years that we can say, “We know how to work around the edges”. 

If you have a spare carpet in hand to use for your motorhome floor, great! If not, that’s fine too. We can source a wool carpet for you and start our work. This can apply to new or long time motorhome and caravan owners.

How do I start?

To create a motorhome mat for your floor, you will need to contact us to set up a time and date when you can arrive at the workshop. This is to make sure there is someone who can greet you and prevent misunderstanding. You can park with ease because there is plenty of space in the parking lot.

Once there, you can approach a team member to help you decide what sort of carpet mat binding will suit you best. Then, one of the team members will create a template out of your floor with a piece of paper. This makes sure that the carpet will be accurate according to the shape and size. Afterwards, the chosen carpet binding finish will be added with skilled proficiency.

You will be sent a text message as a reminder that your custom mat binding is finished and then you can pick your new wool mat for your motorhome floor. The work will take about 48 hours to finish so you can have your floor mats ready for the next road trip around the south island. 

A short review from a happy customer

Happy Motorhomers from Northland  

We can’t recommend the team at Carpet Binders  Christchurch enough.  They are fast, and efficient and the work is done to a high standard.  Very pleased with the carpets for our caravan.

Make a good template for them and they’ll even cut it for you.

Thanks very much, Carpet Binders for the professional service.

Simon and Wendy, Northland (04.2022)

For Motorhome and Caravan Owners Outside Christchurch

Carpet Binders can also create custom floor mats for customers outside of Christchurch. It is a similar process. However, you must contact us beforehand to set up a time and date of your arrival in Christchurch to make sure that there is someone to greet you and start working on your custom mat binding. Then, once we create a template, cut the carpet and add the carpet binding finish in all angles. You can pick up your custom mat binding for your motorhome floor just in time before you leave for your trip leaving the city. 

Equip your motorhome and caravan with high quality floor mats from Carpet Binders that will keep your toes cosy. Call us at 021 164 0938 to discuss details. If you have any questions, send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Click here.

If you are still on the fence about our carpet binding service, come have a read at our testimonials page from previous motorhome and caravan customers. Click here.

Carpet Binding Pro’s in Christchurch. We can create custom mat binding for your motorhome, caravans and RV to fit perfectly on your floor.

With many benefits, floor mats can prevent dents, food spills and slippery surface that may result in injury

We have ample parking that there can be two motorhomes onsite and a 48 hour turnover service. So, you can enjoy your next road trip and rest easy.

To set up a time and date, call us at 021 164 0938 and for more information about our local service, visit our website. Click here.

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