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OPEN to the public from 8.00 am to  4.00 pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00 am to 3.30pm Friday 

LOCATED AT Unit 14 37 Washbourne’s Rd Sockburn, Christchurch

The Carpetbinders workroom is mindful of the ongoing implications of the COVID pandemic.

Our staff may serve you wearing an approved as it is their personal choice to do so.

We are located at Unit 14 37 Washbournes Rd Sockburn  Christchurch.

We are open to the public from 8 am Monday to Friday and Close at 4 pm Monday to Thursday and 3.30 pm Friday

We have plenty of off street parking you can park right at our door

Carpet binding, overlocking and edging specialists offering a range of finishes tailored to clients needs.

From standard overlocking to the sleek narrow tape binding and the popular designer 3- inch and 5-inch jute/cotton tapes, our carpet binding division can turn every carpet piece into either a practical mat or tasteful area rug depending on the client’s end-use.

We are your carpet binding and carpet overlocking specialists based in Christchurch and servicing the wider Canterbury region.

What is Carpet Binding?

Overlocking is the most common carpet finish for carpet edging and provides a lovely border when the woollen yarn thread is matched to the body of the carpet synthetically to create the mats required.

Carpet binding often refers to a tape binding finish, we are to offer a selection of different tape bindings in a variety of widths, fabrics and more importantly, colours that enhance the edged rug.

As part of our suite of carpet edging suite of finishes, we also provide a fringing or tassel service, which adds another aspect to the carpet finishes.

We operate our rug binding business from a specialist workroom that allows us plenty of space for edging carpet as we turn  leftover carpet scraps into practical mats and area rugs depending on a customers preference and requirements.

You Can Save Money! By Making Your Own Rug From Carpet Scraps! Use our Carpet Hemming Service!

If you have just had new carpet laid in your home, it is highly likely the carpet layer has left you some carpet leftover.

Why not turn these off-cuts into practical made-to-measure rugs?  Just tell us what size you want your finished item.  We will cut it to size and bind the edges in a matching or contrasting colour of your choice.

Examples of areas that might need work or protection mats include the front and back doors,  by the fire, under the dining table, in front of the kitchen sink, where the dog sleeps, and in the internal access way from the garage.

We have a large workroom and are able to cater for large pieces -up to 3 x 7.2 m

What can else Carpet Binding apply to?

We are also able to re-finish clean rugs too. We are able to finish rugs that are not just squares or rectangles. We have completed rugs that fit into caravans, motorhomes, boats, car boots and fire hearth surrounds.

Many of our customers are either businesses with office and reception areas, or government entities such as schools, and rental accommodation providers where we have bound carpets to create area rugs that are fit for the purpose such classrooms or to protect the investment of the flooring the rug is laid on.

We service outside of the Canterbury region with our carpet finishing service.

People from the wider South Island and occasionally from the North Island seek our professional carpet hemming service and are pleasantly surprised by three things.

  1. Having a choice in edge binding finishes.
  2. The short turn around time for completing the carpet binding.
  3.  The choice of using their preferred freight forwarder.

Our Out of Canterbury Service five-step process works as follows.

  1. Clients contact us to discuss their requirements.
  2. The carpet piece is sent to our workshop via their preferred transport provider.
  3. We reconnect with the client to ensure instructions can be completed as per their wishes.
  4. We measure, cut and bind or overlock the carpet, then wrap the rug or rugs for freighting back to the client.
  5. Arrangements are made for return freighting at the client’s cost.

The turnaround for this service is usually a 5 day from the time carpet piece leaves and returns home as a practical mat fit for purpose. Under this system, we can service customers anywhere in New Zealand, including Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands.

Pickup and Return Delivery Service offered for Christchurch and Surrounding  Area

We offer a pickup and return delivery service for our customers who are time short or not able to fit their carpet scraps into their car for a nominal fee.

Customers Visiting Our Workroom to Drop Off and Pick Up Carpet Mats Open from 8.00 am onwards

We are open to the public from 8 am onwards on weekdays and will guarantee to have a person on-site, to discuss your need carpet binding needs.

At Unit 14 /37 Washbournes Road, Sockburn Christchurch we have plenty of off-street parking and can cater for cars with trailers with ease.

What is our Opening Hours?

Our Carpet Binding workroom hours for the public are as follows

Monday: 8:00 AM – 4:00PM

Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Thursday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Friday: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Public Holidays: Closed

While You Wait Express Service

This service is for those clients who have one or two small mats that need to be edged and are straightforward binding assignments.

Coming From Out Of Town Same Day Service 

If you are visiting Christchurch for the day and are from say, Hanmer Springs, Kaikoura, Twizel etc if you drop your carpets into us early in the morning, you can pick them up before you leave later in the day.

Out Of Trading Hours Drop Off and Pick Up

You can drop your binding assignments out of trading hours. We have a clean stand-alone silver shed for this purpose if you need to drop off or pick up your carpets outside of our normal trading hours.




Carpetbinders can now hem carpets squares in the highly sort after cotton /jute binding in either the 3-inch and 5- inch tape adding another option for carpet edging in the South Island. This binding finish is best suited to an area rug that sits in hard floor services such as wood, tiles or polished concrete.


Please check out the links at the top of  the side panel for further information about our carpet binding service  or to go directly to our dedicated carpet binding website just click on the logo



“As a landlord with mulitple properties with polished floors, using the large bound squares available at Rugs for All has my made my life easier. When Tenants vacate a property if the rug is ruined beyond repair or unable to be cleaned. I am able to get a quality woollen square promptly from the large selection available without any disruption to new tenants.”

L Donaldson

Property Investor

Canterbury’s Best Carpet Edging Business

I found this fabulous carpet binding business, who are super friendly and very helpful.

I was really pleased to have a choice of binding finishes and being consulted on the colour matching.

Super-fast service can recommend them all. Their new location is really handy at Unit 14 / 37 Washbournes with easy parking.

Fabulous people for trimming motor home carpet this is a specialist art form.

Pam Williams

Shirley, Christchurch

One of Canterbury’s  Premier businesses 

What a find, work completed while I waited matched binding to carpet perfectly thought it wouldn’t’ be possible, inexpensive super friendly people with so much knowledge. I will be back and I will tell ten friends.



Highly Recommend

Thank you so much for such a great service:)

If we have any call for any more binding or have any customers that require your binding service we will definitely be recommending you.

Once again thank you so much.


Party Warehouse, Blenheim Road Christchurch

A long term loyal customer shares why he uses Carpetbinders

I want to share my experience if using Carpetbinders Ltd, I have used their services for over 20 years from when they were in Colombo Street in the central city, then Montreal Street in Christchurch and post the earthquake of 2011 in Rangiora.
Now they are back in Christchurch; I used their convenient pickup and return delivery service.

They are the most professional and knowledgeable people in the carpet binding trade, but most importantly they are friendly and helpful, and this has not changed over the last two decades.

I wish them well at their new location in Sockburn, Christchurch and would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting their carpet edged.

Brian Marra


Great Pick up and Delivery Service

Thank you so much for the quick turnaround and great matching of the wool thread.

Judith Mckendry

North Canterbury (09.2022)

We Are Carpet Edging and Binding Specialists

Rugs  For All is a division of Carpetbinders Ltd, who are professional carpet binding, edging or whipping specialists based in Christchurch and catering to the South Island of New Zealand binding needs.

We offer a suite of carpet edging finishes for our clients to choose from, so they can customise a mat or rug to meet their needs, size-wise, that is fit for purpose and will enhance the decor of the room.

Our finishes include

Woolen overlocking:

This is where we use New Zealand wool and a blanket stitch finish is created.

Sleek Narrowtape Binding:

This finish is where a fine binding edge is created and is not the feature of the carpet mat, wide assortment of colours available.

Slimline Tape binding  

This finish is best suited to  the chunky designer looppiles or thick plush carpet 

3 inch Imported Tape Binding Finish :

This finish allows for a more definitive border that frames the rug without being too wide. Available in a limited range of colours  and in a synthetic or cotton binding tape.

5 inch Imported Tape Binding Finish:

This is what we call our statement finish that is ideally suited to larger area rugs. There is a limited colour selection to choose from and is a cotton tape.

Fringing or Tassle Finish:

We are able to offer a fringing service for customers who seek a more traditional look when creating an area rug. This is a woollen fringe or tassel is available in a range of colours.

We can hem motorhome and caravan carpets, as well as handle rugs up to  3.66m x 7.2 m in size in a fit for purpose workroom.

Call us today to  discuss your carpet edging needs on 021 164 0938

Our standard mainstream carpet edging options are the woollen blanket stitch overlocking and the highly sort after commercial narrow tape carpet binding.

Overlocking Service

Overlocking is a nice tightly woven woollen blanket stitch.

As part of our core overlocking service we are able to offer you the following:

  • We cut to your measurements.
  • Same day service.
  • We match the colour of the yarn to your carpet as closely as possible from our extensive supply of yarn.
  • The stitching we use is a neat and tight blanket stitch.

Narrow Tape Binding Service

We are proud to offer you a sleek finishing touch to your leftover carpet pieces, giving you the same result as the carpet samples you selected your carpet from originally. This slim line finish is less obtrusive than woollen overlocking.

  • We cut to your measurements.
  •  We offer a same day service.
  • We match the narrow tape binding to the colour of your carpet as closely as possible from our vast supply of tape.
  • If you wish to choose your own colour you are welcome to do so.
  • We provide a professional finish with quality workmanship.

Our point of difference: We do our overlocking and narrowtape binding onsite and are also able to adjust measurements to suit you immediately at no extra cost. We also take the time to discuss what you need the rug for and offer advice as to the best solution that is fit for purpose.

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