Renting and Rugs

Many renters are often faced with being restricted on how they decorate or personalise their rental living arrangements.

Some people moving into a new tenancy can face,

  • New carpet in pristine condition,
  • Carpet that is not their taste or blending with their existing furnishings
  • The existing carpet is thread bare and tired looking and needs replacing though it is not on the landlord’s maintenance budget any time soon.
  • or the flooring is either concrete, wood or concrete.

Purchasing a large area rug or smaller rugs that suits their needs is often a cost-saving way from the purchase price of the carpet, ensuring that they can get their bond back as damage is potentially mitigated to existing a carpet.

Area rugs can look great layered over carpeting if you choose something that is the right size for the space and complements the rest of the décor. If you don’t want to bring in colour through an area rug, choose something that has a great texture, such as a natural fibre rug or shag pile rug.

You can also layer rugs; it is true it might come off a bit bohemian (and if that’s not your style and you are more a minimalist person, this might not work for you), but layering small to medium rugs over floors you don’t love gives you control over disguising those floors and creating your own hip look under your feet. And since buying smaller rugs to layer can be more affordable than buying big versions, you can save some money.