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MELFORD HILLS -HAD 7.5 Black Tape Finish Area Rug Collection


A lovely New Zealand thick, chunky loop pile, wool carpet area rug. In a steel grey colour with white threads woven intermittently. The texture of the loop pile combined with the white woven threads amongst the steel grey base colour adds both texture and a soft ripple within the sea of grey. Creating a beautiful area rug that can be both a statement piece in a room or can be used to ground the room and define an area. The wider tape finish provides a more solid looking and defined rug giving the rug a presence in any room.

This wool carpet area rug is finished with a black 7.5 border tape, revealing a 3 cm tape edging that tones in with the base grey of the loop pile carpet.

This beautiful wool carpet area rug in the wider tape finish is available in a range of standard sizes that can grace the floors of any New Zealand home.

We believe nobody regrets buying quality, and our aim is to make natural New Zealand woollen carpet area rugs an affordable investment that is environmentally responsible.

We have made an informed decision to use a synthetic fabric tape border with 3 cm visible due to the harsh VU rays in New Zealand that cause severe fading of such soft furnishings such as jute or cotton bindings.

We offer test size rugs to assist you in making the right decision in choosing the correct New Zealand woollen area rug for your home or office

At Rugs for All, we believe you cannot make an informed decision on purchasing a carpet area rug without seeing a large piece of the carpet finished in your home. Before making a purchase, we strongly recommend you purchase the 50cm x 90cm door rug, this allows you to see what the finished rug will look like in your home without buyers remorse. We do not provide small samples for colour matching. As our years of experience in the field of selling rugs has proven an inconsistent method as many customers struggle to conceptualise both size and colour in a room, hence we have created a doormat size for an appreciation of the visual impact of large carpet in a room, especially a solid colour.

Can’t see the size you want?

In this range, if you are looking for a particular size, our solution is to purchase the size bigger than you require and we will alter it at no charge. For example, if you are looking for a rug 3m x 3.5m, purchase a 3m x 4m area carpet rug and we will alter it to your measurements at no extra charge.  If you are looking for a smaller rug such as 1m x 1.8, purchase a 1.4m x 2m area carpet rug and again we will alter at no charge.

Please be aware

This rug may be available in a range of sizes, please check the pricing tab for sizes available and their pricing.

To carry the extensive variety of rugs that we showcase on the online website in New Zealand. The numbers of a particular design, size and colourway are often limited to less than 4 in stock of each design, size and colourway.

Our rugs can only be viewed online as we do not operate a designated retail store and our warehouse and storage facility does not provide access to the public under the New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

We do not have any stock at the physical address Unit 14 37 Washbournes Road, Sockburn, Christchurch as it’s our commercial workroom for our binding operation and not suitable for rug displays.


We do not operate an ‘Appro” or try before you buy service on our Rugs For All online store, as our website return and exchange policy applies for all online sales.

Points of Interest

Quality of rug and the T ranking.  The T ranking refers to stitches per square metre, T3 is good quality and the base starting point for the international quality ranking. T5 is the highest quality and within T5 there are variances this is reflected in the price.

Please take the time to read our page titled Why NZ Wool, to understand the many benefits of wool and especially New Zealand strong wool.

Carpetbinders Ltd under its Rugs for All brand has made a conscious decision to sell rugs of woollen construction that have the wool sourced from New Zealand. This is our way of supporting the New Zealand strong wool sheep farming community who are the heartland of New Zealand and stalwarts of many rural communities.

Rug Pads to Stop Rugs Slipping

Rugs For All has two types of Rug Grip Pads that assist in providing slip-free safety for your home and extra cushioning; adding more softness underfoot.

Not only do our selected rug grip pads keep your rugs in place, but they also reduce puckering under furniture, on carpeted floors or provide a firm base and hides irregularities in stone and tile surfaces.

To find out more about our rug grip pads, go the Rug Accessories section of our online store.

Contacting us with an area rug enquiry

If you wish to know more about this product or if it is available in other sizes please contact us by email or call us on our dedicated area rug enquiries cell phone number 021 478 476 during normal business hours.

If you call during the weekend or on a public holiday, please leave a voice message we will attend to your call on the next business day.

We attempt to describe our products as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that product representation appearing on this site are completely accurate. Colours and textures, as they appear on your computer monitor, may vary slightly from the actual materials.

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