How to choose the correct size rug for under a dining table

How to Choose the Correct Size Rugs For Under Your Dining Table 

Adding a rug to your dining room can have many clear benefits. However, choosing the right size rug for your dining room is crucial to maximising these benefits.

Extra padding and warmth underfoot (especially in the South Island of New Zealand) whilst seated at your dining table is one of many advantages of having a rug under the table in your dining room.

Another advantage is protection for your floors from your dining room table and chairs, especially when chairs are moved when the table is in use. That applies either to either both carpeted or hard floors.

Adding Style with a Dining Room Rug

Many in the interior design field believe a rug in your dining room adds an extra layer of chic and sophistication to your dining room, complementing the other decor, such as art, etc., and making the room complete.

It is critical to consider the other decor in your dining room, such as artwork, furniture upholstery, and wall colours, to choose a rug that will suit your dining room.

Colours to consider when picking the rug

Also, whilst the risk of permanent stains from many spills is minimised if attended to quickly, choosing a darker, patterned rug can be an excellent choice to disguise any permanent stains if they do occur.

If you must choose a light-coloured rug for your dining room, try to choose one with a detailed pattern rather than a plain light colour, again to disguise permanent stains if they occur.


What about the size of the dining room rug?

The most important thing to contemplate is the size of your table. We generally allow 50-60cm around the table’s perimeter so that when you pull your chair out, your chair stays on the rug. To get an accurate measurement, step up to your table and pull out the chair like you are going to sit down. Do this for all the chairs around the table. Now take tape and tape behind the back legs of the chairs – there is your ideal minimum rug size.

It is vital to have all the chair legs on the mat when they are pulled out and, more importantly, when people are seated.

Use the diagram below to see how we recommend using a rug underneath the table and how not to.

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