A Rug Must Fit Into Your Lifestyle 

Your rug must meet the needs of your family and be fit for purpose.

Your lifestyle should be a significant determining factor in the area rug you finally choose.

This is a short list of points you may wish to consider before your purchase

If you have pets with claws, then a long continuous loop is not ideal.

If you have young children, we would not recommend a white or cream rug unless you have a passion for cleaning rugs.

Also, a shaggy pile rug is not ideal if you have family members with mobility issues or children who play with Lego.

If you spend a lot of time in your home wandering around in bare feet or have children playing or lying on the floor, then we would not recommend a rough texture natural sisal rug, but a New Zealand woollen carpet in a sisal look.

If your home is a lint or pet hair magnet, then you would not choose either a dark or light coloured carpet as the lint or pet hair will stand out like a lone road cone. Also, we recommend you stay away from rugs made from synthetic fibres as they are magnets for lint and pet hair, and removing them requires back-breaking vacuuming.

Also, New Zealand has one of the highest UV ratings globally, and consideration must be given, is the fibre fit for the purpose. How quickly will it fade, given New Zealand’s high UV? At present, the latest trend is for jute or hemp rugs. However, these rugs will fade quickly, and a purchaser must be mindful of this when making a purchase.

It is important to consider your family’s requirements and identify the purpose of the rug before you purchase.¬†

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